It’s about time there was an Ohio Pop.

Our premise is simple.  Make pop, not soda.  Make a pop that is as Ohio as possible. Sugar cane is great, but it is not an Ohio crop and transporting it across hundreds or thousands of miles is not great for the environment or local farmers.  What does Ohio and the Midwest have a lot of…(?), beet sugar.  We source as local as possible for all of our pops and the majority of our ingredients.  We craft all of it in Columbus.

Pop without sugar is….crazy. But good pop doesn’t need a depth charge size level of sugar.  Our pops have less sugar than macro-soda without compromising flavor or putting something fake in your pop.

Ohio Pop focuses on flavor.  One of our founders found amazing Fanta Orange soda in Italy. Why was it so much better? Italian Fanta has real orange juice in it and real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. That was one of our inspirations. We have invested years looking for more inspirations and testing countless recipes to create more inspired pops.  Pop for the masses can taste great and not cost a massive amount. That is what Ohio Pop is about.

Stay tuned for more of our story and even more about our pops.

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